Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The Enemy of the Enslaved

In this interview of Scott Ritter by Amy Goodman, you will see the enemy of the Iranian people. (not to mention the people of N. Korea, China and the U.S.)
Not only do they both think that President Bush is hell-bent on war with Iran, N.Korea and who knows what other countries, but they don't seem to understand that getting rid of the current dictators of Iran and N. Korea is what the majority of people in these countries desire. That doesn't seem to make any difference to Ritter.

His story about being free to travel in Iran is laughable. Hey Scott, the regime knows which side you're on and it ain't ours and don't be so sure that you weren't being monitored.
He interviewed " senior government officials, senior military officials, senior intelligence officials," - now there's a wide variety of opinions - NOT! They played you like a kamancheh (Persian fiddle).
His conclusions after talking to these regime employees who, incidently, get together on a regular basis to chant Death to America? ...Ritter's conclusion is that Iran "does not constitute a threat to the United States whatsoever". LOL. Scott, you're either an idiot or blind. They've been a threat to us for 27 yrs!
Please read up on terrorist attacks against U.S. facilities over the past 27 years.

Ritter has a real problem with the U.S. being on the side of oppressed people and wanting to see regime change. I wish we were as committed to regime change in Iran as Ritter thinks. If we were, something would have happened by now.
One question Scott: What the heck is wrong with regime change in Iran, N. Korea and China, for that matter? Just what is wrong with getting rid of the bastards who run those countries? Or would you prefer that the people living in those countries live under tyranny and oppression for the next 100 yrs?

Ritter thinks that the United States should (pardon me while I puke) recognize "the legitimacy of the theocracy" and should be "willing to peacefully coexist with the theocracy". Absolutely Not! Why don't you ask the Iranian people if THEY recognize the regime as being legitimate and if THEY want to continue to live under their theocracy? Guess what Scott? The majority would say "NO". That being the case, why shouldn't we help them free themselves from their enslavers?

You, Scott, and people who believe the crap you spout, are the enemy of the suffering, oppressed, tortured, inprisoned and dying in Iran, N. Korea, China, Cuba, etc. When these people are finally free from their dictatorial masters I'd like to see each one of them spit on you.
You disgust me !
Still working at Al Jazeera? Your views and mentality fit in with theirs perfectly.