Saturday, April 26, 2008

Bumper sticker?

A bumper sticker or maybe just some good advice:

**Beware the smiling Reformists**

Monday, April 14, 2008

It's Time, General

Testimony at the Senate Armed Services Committee last week -

Joe Lieberman: "Is it fair to say that the Iranian-backed special groups in Iraq are responsible for the murder of hundreds of American soldiers and thousands of Iraqi soldiers and civilians?"

General Patraeus: "It certainly is. ... That is correct,"

It's time to respond. In a big way.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Just say NO to MEK

I was discussing the Iranian regime & MEK today with my friend Winston at Spirit of Man and whether the U. S should remove the Terrorist designation from MEK/NCRI in order to facilitate their going after the regime themselves.

My answer was NO.

What I have learned over the years regarding Iranian people and the Regime, is that they see eye to eye on few things, but hatred and distrust of MEK is one of them. MEK tries to promote themselves as having a large following in Iran - that's ridiculous. Aside from being a Stalinst/Islamic/ personality cult, they are viewed as traitors, and Iranians would fight against any intervention by MEK.

If the U.S. removed the Terrorist designation, the regime would be on the radio, TV, newspapers using that as propaganda against us. Any attempts by us in the future to gain trust of Iranians would be much more difficult. We would make more enemies within Iran and when the MEK's attempts at a coup failed (and they would), all the words of Pres. Bush to the Iranian people building trust over these 8 yrs will have been for nothing.

Giving in to MEK by taking them off the Terrorist list, would send a very bad message to the Iranian people. Unfortunately, most non-Iranians don't understand this - sadly, that includes some of our members of congress.