Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The End of Free Speech (if we allow it)

From Michael Rubin's, "I Was an Icelandic “War Criminal”


" a growing phenomenon seeking to criminalize debate that is sweeping progressive, libertarian, and antiwar groups at home and abroad."

" ...it is not a far leap to fear that the calls for criminalization of debate which exist in progressive circles could become mainstream. Write an unpopular legal opinion regarding torture? War crime. Peacekeepers in Afghanistan transfer detainees to the host government? War crime. Advocate for a war against terrorism or emphasize democratization in foreign policy? War crime."

Excellent. Not only criminalize debate, Mr. Rubin, but shut it down. I believe, that should the likes of Hillary (and others) gain control of this government, you would see her (them) pass laws to shut down conservative radio talk shows, and any tv programs (FOX News), that try to confront or reveal or put forth an opposing view to the Liberal Left. There's a reason she has the nickname "Hitlery".

I watched some of the Minuteman rally in Washington the other day. Something Jim Gilchrist said, (founder of Minuteman Project) struck me. He pointed out, that the 'Minutemen' were trying to uphold our constitutional rights, and the people chanting and counter-demonstrating their rally, were trying to take them away.

That's exactly right!

The far Left doesn't like our Constitution. It allows for freedoms that they would amend or totally do away with. These people (and there's a growing crowd within our government) would make our country unrecognizable and in essence destroy it, if allowed to have control.

These aren't the same Liberal democrats of years past. And they aren't going to act like the democrats of the past once they're in control. They're angry and ruthless, and they'll stop at nothing to make as many changes in our government and Constitution as possible in order to suit their agenda.Much of the country hasn't caught on yet. They think it's business as usual in Washington. Far from it! Until they catch on, (and I believe they are slowly doing so) we need to protect our freedoms.

So, no matter how disappointed or angry our Republican representatives may make me (and believe me, they really tick me off sometimes. okay, they tick me off often), I will never allow my anger to cloud the 'Big Picture'. I hope others recognize the seriousness of this situation and take this to heart.
Write letters and emails, make phone calls, attend demonstrations, yell at the tv, but when it comes time to vote, NEVER cast a ballot that will go against our control of the government and thereby jeopardize our freedoms. (and that includes voting for a third party, which inevitably just gives a vote to the democrats because it's a loss of a vote for a Republican)


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This is really true!

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