Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Iranian Survey

This was interesting. A phone survey of 1,000 people inside Iran done by a group out of Washington, D.C. Not crazy about the people in the group, Terror Free Tomorrow, but the results of the survey are interesting.

For example : 70% favor normal relations and trade with the U.S.;
61% of Iranians were willing to tell our pollsters over the phone that they oppose the current Iranian system of government, where the Supreme Leader rules according to religious principles and cannot be chosen or replaced by direct vote of the people; over 79% support a democratic system instead, in which all the leaders can be chosen and replaced by a free and direct vote of the people.

The poll found people in favor of democratically electing all their leaders in all the provinces in both urban and rural areas. That's noteworthy.

Obviously, people on the phone don't know who is calling them, or who may be listening to their phonecall, so the results of the survey are more suggestive than accurately reflecting the true sentiments of the people. But seeing that so many were willing to take the chance and answer more honestly is significant itself.

I'm sure the regime is not happy.

Check it out here >>>>


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