Thursday, May 15, 2008

Parsing the Enemy

Definition: parsing = "A process by which programming data is broken into smaller, more distinct chunks of information that can be more easily interpreted and acted on."
"To make sense of; comprehend"

The U.S. State Dept, as well as its counterparts in Europe and elsewhere, are guilty of parsing the dangers of the Iranian regime.
In order to "comprehend" and take action against this theocratic totalitarian regime, they parse the dangers that the regime presents and try to deal with each one separately.

This results in a policy of dealing with the Iranian regime: being a danger due to their nuclear ambitions; being a danger due to their interference in Iraq; being a danger due to their hatred of Israel; being a danger due to their hatred of the U.S.; being a danger due to their support of hezbollah; being a danger due to their religious expansionism ambitions; being a danger due to their support of terrorists; being a danger due to their lack of humanitarian treatment of their own citizens; being a danger because of their religious/philosophical beliefs, etc. Each parsing of their dangers is seen as an individual challenge to be dealt with.

You can't break up the evil that is the Iranian regime and try to separate the dangers into smaller components and think that you can tackle each one of these smaller components and thereby solve the problem. While you are wasting time trying to act on one problem, the regime is busily tending to its other evil deeds unfettered.

The idea that this enemy can be conquered by trying to individually subdue each one of its dangerous tentacles is utter folly or incredibly naive, at best. This is even more true when you're under a time constraint, such as preventing the impending acquisition of nuclear weapons by this regime.

This enemy must be dealt with head on. In other words, bring down the regime - Now.

The State Dept and others in this Adminstration must stop dissecting this enemy and accept that the solution is to cut off the head of this evil monster, and its far reaching evil tentacles will die too. Want to end most of the problems in Iraq? Get rid of the Iranian regime. Want peace in the Middle East? Get rid of this regime. Want to get rid of the threat of nuclear weapons in the hands of the mullahs? Get rid of this regime. Want to get rid of menacing influences in S. America? Get rid of this regime. Want to get rid of hezbollah? Get rid of this regime. Want to feel more secure within our own country? Get rid of this regime. Etc, etc. Got the message?

Suggestions? Bomb Revolutionary Guards Corps bases, terrorist training camps, Ahmadinejad & Khamenie's residences, majlis (preferrably while its in session). Then drop a couple million leaflets notifying the Iranians that our intent is to get rid of the regime, not invade the country. Tell them the following: We know the Iranian people yearn for a free and prosperous country and we're giving them the ability to have that - We're getting rid of your jailers so the people can be free to choose their own government and live in a free Iran. Our countries used to be friends and we want to be so again. We will help you however we can.

We can't put this off any longer. Mr. President, make the bold decision and make the world safer by ridding the world of this evil regime in Iran.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

great post

May 15, 2008, 7:28:00 PM  
Blogger Winston said...

Forget the dumb Eurowhinnies. They won't do any thing like that. Although there are millions of people who want to get rid of the Iranian mullahs but only Pres. Bush has the power to do it and I don't know if he will. I wish he would...

May 15, 2008, 9:20:00 PM  
Blogger Jungle Mom said...

I came over via Winston's. Great post!

May 17, 2008, 7:25:00 AM  
Anonymous chester said...

Thanks, jungle mom

May 17, 2008, 5:36:00 PM  

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