Friday, December 28, 2007

The Real Bhutto?

What to say about Benazir Bhutto? Obviously, people are sending their condolences to her family & friends following her assassination. No one wanted that. (except the terrorists and those plotting against her)

But people on the Right (I'll leave the Left out of this) can't seem to agree on Bhutto. Depending upon whom you read or listen to, she was either a corrupt politician from a corrupt family who had the backing of about 25% of Pakistan, or a symbol for peace and democracy who had the backing of about 45% in Pakistan.

I don't know if anyone really has the true numbers - I'm not sure it's possible to know them given the corruption and religious subjugation in Pakistan - and I think the real Bhutto lies somewhere in between the 2 descriptions above.

We'll never know if the experiment of Musharraf & Bhutto running Pakistan would have worked at all, or how long it could have lasted, or what affect it could have had.
I think that's the big unknown and disappointment.

Now, wouldn't it be great if her murder became the impetus and rationale for Musharraf to really go after alQaeda & the terrorists in the tribal areas in the North?
What a great legacy for both Musharraf and Bhutto!
Do it, Musharraf!