Thursday, October 01, 2009

Diplomatic talks ? They can't be that dumb

What is the purpose of the diplomatic talks with Iran?

The representatives in the meetings are there to do one thing: pressure the IRI either thru use of rewards or some sorts of punishments to get the Iranian government to cooperate. That's basically it in a nutshell.

So, here are the mullahs, being diplomatically pressured on the one hand by countries that seem to be of one voice (at least for now), and on the other hand, they' re being physically threatened with bombing by Israel. And they know the Israelis aren't all fluff, cuz they've bombed nuke facilities in other countries before - so the mullahs know the Israelis are real serious with their threats of actual phsyical harm and destruction, which to most people is certainly worse than sanctions.

Now, the Iranian government hasn't flinched or changed their activities at all in response to physical harm and destruction of their country.The Israelis have essentially put a gun to Khamenie's head, and he's ignoring it. Why? Maybe he really is hoping for war to break out all over the region to usher in the Mahdi. Or maybe he just wants to be able to threaten & control others. Who knows?

The Question is: What on earth makes anyone in our diplomatic corps/our government/Obama/the governments of other countries, etc, WHAT on EARTH makes any of them THINK that the threat of sanctions (oooh scary) is going to put more pressure on the Iranian government to get them to cooperate than a gun to their heads???

Answer: It's NOT.
Months more talk isn't going to accomplish anything except buy more time for the mullahs. Neither will sanctions.There are ONLY 2 solutions: 1) help the Iranian people overthrow this regime- and FAST or 2) destroy the nuclear facilities as best we can, which will most likely only make the world have to deal with this same situation a few years from now.
PERIOD. There is NO other solution.
Governments & diplomats of the world, accept that !
Now get busy planning for one of those 2 solutions!